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All I could think to respond was to NEVER mention this to another new mum, because if someone had said that to me back then I would have bludgeoned her to death immediately. I was a itching mess. Still painful, but would recommend it to anyone. I am so glad I kept him around! I know i'm late to this post but I just found you on Pinterest and had to comment about the breastfeeding. I can't go to sleep. With my most recent natural birth, I had the experience of feeling like my insides had been totally scrambled and like every time I stood up, they would come pouring out of me, not down, but forward.

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I have to agree with a commenter above that pointed out the horrible afterbirth cramps you get usually after you second child.

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And, if your labor progresses quickly, you can shoot right past your epidural window. LOL Thankfully I didn't have it too bad with most of the stuff, but I did have horrible afterbirth cramps. Even if they aren't hurting, you have this little person attached to them every 2 hours, they want their alone time! Your brain will be mush. I dunno why I clicked on this Pintrest link—but I've never had kids and don't plan to. Thanks for the much needed laugh and trip down memory lane. Rock hard boobs yes.

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naked pregnant girls give birth
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naked pregnant girls give birth
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